Tomi Swick and Andy Griffiths

On any given night in Hamilton you can find incredible original music. Native son Tomi Seick has been playing out since his youth and the sepia tinged images he delivers with sonic integrity made him someone to watch from that early age. Developing quickly into his own vision of a modern day troubadour, Swick has managed to curry the favor of record labels and coffee houses at the same time. Growing his repertoire and reputation over the years made for a strong and gentle soul that is not afraid to stand up and be counted.
Andy Griffiths is another singer songwriter who hails from Burlington but delves deeply into the Hamilton scene.  Hooking up at an open mic, the brotherhood bore fruit as Griffiths was able to blossom with the help of a tight knit musical community, no one more prominent in the transformation than Tomi, and the genuine affection and appreciation is evident as  both men move towards their next albums.
Never doubt the ability of Barber a Shop Podcast to bring you the very best of real music from Hamilton. No matter the hour, regardless of circumstance , the tunes will get through.
Late night/early morning shenanigans with the very talented Tomi Swick and Andy Griffiths on your screen, courtesy of Kevin , Ryan, and Barber Shop Podcast