The Vaudevillian

Growing up in the Southwestern Ontario tri-city area, Brendan Stephens was a quick study who had stubborn streak, and a knack for anything musical. Picking up the guitar at 12, gigging around town at 14, there was no lack of moxy in this kid. Upon informing his mother he was quitting school, his mom in turn informed him he was now paying rent.  When he took his strengths to market, the result was a nice busking payday of $80, and the world welcomed another professional musician to the fold.
Finding his sound somewhere between the roaring twenties and the White Stripes, an honest-to-goodness perfect hybrid was born in the guise of The Vaudevillian.
Like a desert bowl dream, this sepia-toned music draws from the very roots of roots, the jump and hop of a bygone era meshing wonderfully with today’s own stark realities.
Recording RAGGED with a lusty vengeance, the debut album has all the hallmarks of a great fly on the wall recording. Serving as a revenue source and calling card, it soon led to more stops along an uncharted and unrehearsed destiny.
Meeting a sweet thing named Willow Walker soon after, the couple became partners in this life of music and mayhem. Encouraged to play the tricky rhythm patterns of the washboard, Willow got very good pretty quickly and delivers signature snap and rattle to their distinct sound. Follow up record Beedl Am Bam last year, and re-releasing the seminal edition this Friday, The Vaudevillian are here in The Hammer for just awhile – but long enough to be marked forever.
Live and in person – playing some  new tunes and spinning some yarns, we present The Vaudevillian – on Barber Shop Podcast


Danny Medakovic

A musical city the likes of Hamilton is heavy with singer songwriters, great players and talented recording engineers.  Danny Medakovic happens to be all those things, having cut his teeth early and often from the earliest days in a very cohesive family environment.
Not happy to grind out the same covers in the same beer joints, Medakovic set about writing and recording often, playing frequently and building his book.  Developing into a triple threat over time, you can catch him in local alt-country/roots outfit Frytruck, or as a solo performer whose socially conscious lyrics marry effortlessly with the feel of a top shelf musician.
Danny’s a smart guy, he’s got a lot to say, and we’re always happy to have him.  Thrilled he could stop in with the pre-release of his new album JOLLEY CUT on a sticky summers night, we get to listen to six fresh tracks and a couple live numbers from the heart.
Danny Medakovic in the flesh… on Barber Shop Podcast


Radio Free Universe

Great original music from the Steel City is what we do here and there is all kinds to be found. Brewed and crewed right here, singer/songwriter George Panagoulos saw the chops and presence of guitarist Marcus Starr and bassist Ryan Davie in another outfit and knew they were tailor made for his latest project that would become Radio Free Universe. When the crack of Ashton Normans whip is added to the mix, the end result is superlative groove rock that is fiercely original yet hearkens to so many of the legends in style and substance. Radio Free Universe has carver out a worldwide following by always being front runners in the shifting sands of digital promotion and distribution. Displaying a determination to succeed, the band continues to record and tour, preparing for the release of their yet unnamed upcoming album.

Live, in studio, we have all the guys on hand to debut a few brand new numbers that you’re sure to love. Always bringing the good stuff, Radio Free Universe kicks back and tells us their stories in word and song – and they’re goodies!


Smoke Wagon Blues Band

The Smoke Wagon Blues Band are perhaps one of the great secrets of an otherwise wide-open musical city Together with guitarist mike Stubbs, singer/front-man Corey Lueck (Luke) have played smoldering, sexy, cocksure blues since the late 90s.

Hamilton TH&B thru and thru, the addition of premier players like sax man Gordon Aeichele, drummer Tibor Lukacs, and Jason Colavecchia the die was cast.
Speaking of the the human condition   through the blues, Smoke Wagon Blues Band are high and tight, and without a doubt have perfected their sound to the point of sublime perfection.

Check out a great slice of Hamilton music history, still bearing the bitter sweet fruit of the blues.
Original music from Hamilton, real and real good… Here on Barber Shop Podcast