Danny Medakovic

A musical city the likes of Hamilton is heavy with singer songwriters, great players and talented recording engineers.  Danny Medakovic happens to be all those things, having cut his teeth early and often from the earliest days in a very cohesive family environment.
Not happy to grind out the same covers in the same beer joints, Medakovic set about writing and recording often, playing frequently and building his book.  Developing into a triple threat over time, you can catch him in local alt-country/roots outfit Frytruck, or as a solo performer whose socially conscious lyrics marry effortlessly with the feel of a top shelf musician.
Danny’s a smart guy, he’s got a lot to say, and we’re always happy to have him.  Thrilled he could stop in with the pre-release of his new album JOLLEY CUT on a sticky summers night, we get to listen to six fresh tracks and a couple live numbers from the heart.
Danny Medakovic in the flesh… on Barber Shop Podcast