John Kirby was born in Burlington, but we forgive him for that. Musical and inquisitive from an early age, Kirby was playing and writing original music, building and blowing up a series of projects before going solo in 2006. Writing and recording with First Time Fallen prepared him to rely on beauties like Vince Sciara, Graham Peaceful and Joey Balducci to learn the business of music from top to bottom.
Boasting a strong sweet tenor, sharp soprano and rich overtones, Kirby possesses a voice for the ages, tender and expressive, dripping with the kind of honesty that belies his word play and sharp lyrics.
It’s a rainy Wednesday in September, the bedroom folk rock of Kirby is the tonic, his stories and songs providing a perfect backdrop for the first night of a new era at BOXO Studio with a sound like you’ve never heard before.
There’s lots to love about Kirby, and there’s lots to love about Barber Shop Podcast.