Michael A.M.

In September there’s nothing better than some kid coming off the bench to hit the walk-off winning run, pulling victory from the jaws of defeat.
Last minute call up Michael A. Myszkowski has been holding fort as Link Andrews, bass player with Hamilton indie heavyweights 40 Sons for near half a decade and has started his journey as a songwriter, front-man and cryptic faker as a solo artist.
Bringing his long time friend and co-writer Brendan Whelan along, Michael.A.M. gives court to five originals that are as new as the morning dew. Beautifully crafted and bravely performed, each offing has it’s own perfect place in today.
Add to that five Easter eggs that is Exile On King Street, Mike’s bass playing is front and center on a sample from our July Hamilton music showcase. Tunes from Luke Bentham, JB Reed, Ginger St.James, Christa Bradbury and Duane Rutter will make you get a feel for just what we got going on here.