TG and the Swampbusters

We got up to some Shennanigans at Barber Shop Podcast with a new sponsor and a couple of old friends.

Tim Gibbons has been on before, back in the pre- video days, and tonight he stopped by with long time bassist and cohort Mike Williams. Joining together to form The Trouble Boys with the great Ray Farrugia in the earliest 80’s, Gibbons has been around since the good old days, music man, actor, resonance man about town, his Irish eyes are smiling on this episode for sure.

A little crooked, a little messy, and a lot of fun, this snapshot of Tim and Mike having a party with the gruesome crewsome, is one that will make you laugh till you cry, cry till you laugh, and forgive a little bit harder.

Sometimes it ain’t pretty, but it’s always beautiful at Barber Shop Podcast