Laura Cole

Laura Cole is everywhere these days, what with the release of her debut album Dirty Cheat at the end of August and the buzz that her electrifying performances provide.
Only 25, Cole has the chops and sensibilities of someone steeped in the smokey jazz clubs of yesteryear while bringing her own style to the party.
Father Ron noted her precocious talent early on, but if was a fireside rendition of a Sheryl Crow song that got him thinking about just how to polish this diamond in the rough.
Building a band that could carry the freight meant that in addition to Ron Cole’s keys, the bass of Chris Chiarcos, Joe Gravina and the guitar of Steve Bigas were the perfect fit for this rising star.
Recording her record at Porcelain Records with no less than Dan Lanois  producing, you know the result would be nothing less than stellar.
Brave, beautiful and bursting with promise, everything Laura Cole touches is turning to pure gold, a shiny and pure reflection of the girl herself.
Big grins, big hearts and a real treat for your eyes and ears… only on Barber Shop Podcast.