The Dinner Belles

Rarely will you find a diverse unit of seven musicians gelling into not only a singular unit, but an original, traditional gift of stunning beauty and vivid images. Born but a few short years ago, the septet of Tara Lightfoot, Brad Germain, Scott Bell, Brandon Bliss, Greg Briscoe, Jonathan Ely Cass and Melanie Pothier somehow merged their individual chops into something that is rather remarkable in the present music environment. Call it Americana, roots, traditional, folk or country, what you get is something passionate, evocative and soul-grabbing from moment one. Music lovers of any age can love what the band delivers and once bitten, they get under your skin and stay.
Fresh of their CD release party for their sophomore release The River and the Willow, five of the dinner Belles stopped by on a chilly late October night to tell their tales and share a drink and a laugh.
Another great show, just the way you like it – from Barber Shop Podcast