2 Year Anniversary Show

Growing up can be tough, but the results and the rewards of sticking to the program are always self evident.
The love that we make here at Barber Shop Podcast is always equal to the love we take every week, and for two years, our love of the wonderful music and musicians in and around Hamilton has been broadcast worldwide in high definition and high fidelity. Shaky and uncertain legs became strong and steady as the shows piled up, the technical aspects of the production maturing step by step with the human element, creating what is now regarded as the industry standard for this format, garnering notice and followers along the way.
To celebrate, we threw the doors open and stocked the fridge with cold ones on a chilly November night, adding snacks to bait the trap. It wasn’t long before we had a house full of talent, and the joint was rocking into the wee hours.
This 2 part episode has some great performances, some good synergy and a few hiccups….like any decent party would. Past guests got reacquainted, some new folk got a chance to show their skills, and the minutes turned to hours in a flash.
Spinning on the player is the very special, very limited edition of Exile On King Street, the BOXO Studio live recording of the 1972 Rolling Stones classic album Exile On Main Street, performed by an all-star Hamilton cast. Saturday the latest, greatest and very last edition goes at This Ain’t Hollywood Saturday November 29, and we are proud parents for sure.
Blessed are those who have the kind of friends we have. The deck is stacked, despite some jokers in the mix – but that’s all part of the game we love.
Big thanks to our supporters and friends – we know who you are.