Bob Bryden

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, people were singing, even the mouse.
History, tradition and reverence reign this time of year, and who better to bring the message of peace, love and good will better than someone who has been square in the centre of it all in the 50 years since he first performed for an audience. In the period since, Bob Bryden has seen the rise and fall of many, but through it all, has remained resolute and relevant in this unforgiving and unpredictable business. Nobody would have guessed all those years ago that Bob would be front and centre in Hamilton music history, but after accepting the position of manager for Star Records in town, he was hands on and very aware of just what kind of magic is born from these gritty streets.
Witness to the youth revolution of the 60’s, Bob Bryden embodies the storyteller and troubadour that served as a generation’s conscious, crafting songs with the intent and message that hungry ears and open minds crave.
Bringing his guitar, extensive catalogue,some classic vinyl and stories this Christmas Eve, Bob Bryden plays cuts from his newest recording Yorkville Days, performs some of his songs live, and reminds us all just what the spirit of the season is all about.
Merry Christmas from your friends at Barber Shop Podcast.