Cindy Dell

On a chilly December night in The Hammer, the warmth and comfort afforded by our guests made for a most beautiful visit.
Hailing from the south-lands of the Niagara peninsula, Cindy Dell grew up surrounded by music and the structure it provides when building something. As the child of two music teachers, there was never a lack of either instrument or instruction and the many hours of practice soon turned a talented ear into a well versed and capable musician. Transitioning to the guitar from violin in her teens, Cindy Dell set out on her personal journey that covered many styles and miles over the years.
Small, intimate venues that welcomed intimate stories of revelation and redemption gave way to bold swipes of early 80’s colour, seeing the chanteuse transform into a member of a major label act, sharp angles and patterns reflecting her life during these heady days.  Major league labels, producers and tours served to educate and enlighten, the lessons not lost or wasted on her as she transformed over subsequent years and records.
Stopping by Barber Shop Podcast with her guitar and sweet voice, Cindy Dell brings with her a virtual murderers row of sweet musical assassins, each one a star in their own right. Featuring the sweet harmonies of Sue Leonard and Brennagh Burns, the sultry guitar of Andrew Aldridge, long time friend Duane Rutter on bass, and Tom Wells playing the drums, Cindy Dell has thrown together a group of excellent and empathetic players to breathe life into her songs in three dimensions.
Truly one of the special shows, the love and community on display here makes the place come alive, the passion and execution displayed a perfect backdrop to the story that is Cindy Dell.