Duane Rutter & Friends

Duane Rutter is one of our favorite people here at BOXO Studio, his absolute inability to be phony had is smitten from the first note.
Born and raised on the North Shore of Lake Erie, the road had been anything but even since he was the kid your mom warned you about.
Slugging it out in saloons and writing his hits and missives led to a deal with Busted Flat Records and a serious buzz in the resurgent Americana music landscape.
Sold out shows and feature performances brought 2014 to the brink of greatness, 2015 will surely kick the door wide open for Duane Rutter.
Mid December mirth and melodies ring throughout this prime episode as Duane is joined by friends and stand outs Michael Hickey (bass), Andrew Aldridge (guitar) JB Reed (vox), Steve Wood (pedal steel) and Nick Burson (drums), to bring glorious life to a few songs from his upcoming album “Crazy Things”.
You just can’t beat these kind of people and this golden performance, a coming together of kindred spirits on a rather magical night at Barber Shop Podcast.