The HellBent Rockers

Growing up punk in The Hammer usually means a path to Gene Vincent and Robert Gordon via Teenage Head and The Forgotten Rebels. Brothers Nicoloff were no different, both David and Craig sworn to a love of rockabilly and the great hip-twisting music from that era of 1953-1959.
Forming a number of groups, it was the heady days of the late 80’s and early 90’s that have birth to their first bona fide outfit, The Shock Rockets. It was during this time that fellow Elvis disciple Billy Thornberry and The Crawl Daddy’s caught Dave’s eye and a mutual respect was formed.
Fast forward to 2010 and the fires rekindled a desire to form an authentic slice of Americana for today’s music fans. Placing the prerequisite Kijiji ad for a singer and picker who MUST like rockabilly, who answered but Thornberry himself, also ready for another kick at the can, the draw of the stage and rhythm too strong to ignore.
Stopping by on the 106th consecutive Wednesday, the boys and drummer Linda (Lulu) Demoo braved a technical train wreck to deliver a shit-load of bum shaking music, a few tall tales and another killer episode of Barber Shop Podcast.