Jessica Blake

It’s not often we get the combination of talent and beauty of a Jessica Blake around here, and when the storied chanteuse arrived with her friend and bandmate Genny DeMerchant to perform a few of her songs we were pretty happy about that indeed. Picking up the singing and dancing bug early on, the support of her parents helped to pave the way for Jessica to begin the long, slippery road of singer songwriter. Practicing and performing, learning her instrument and fine tuning the stunning vocals gave rise to the package for which she is known for today. Years of standing firm and staying true to her faith and passions, the small venues and piqued interests turned to center stage and rave reviews by the time she was ready to drop her CD “So Close”, a rather convoluted 9 years in the making. Full of stellar musicianship and lyrical play, the entire spectrum of her ascension to the here and now is on display on this great record, but it is that voice, that golden voice that will make you stop what you’re doing.

Adding to the mix, we debut her contribution to the BOXO Studio collective collaboration, Shameless Subversion in this episode, a beauty of a song titled “Falling” that is as pure and honest as any that we’ve recorded here.
Another one in the books, in the bank, for the ages – on Barber Shop Podcast.



Pearly Jenkins

Pearly Jenkins is been around for a long time, and he’s learned his lessons well. Long ago before the age of the computer, he was hacking his way through the taverns and smoky venues of the storied city. From the rockabilly past, to the country roots that he embodies today, probably Jenkins is the real deal. After having carried so much weight for so long, he knows what he has to do when he has to do it and thank goodness for that. Teaming up with the legendary producer Glen Marshall, he is put together a collection of songs that hark to the dark evocative country of the Bakersfield sound, parchment vignettes of love and loss, and triumph over tragedy. Fires stoked in the rockabilly and rhinestone clubs stayed true to the forlorn and forgotten songs that soak the fabric of the the small Lake Erie towns that shine like the lingering coals in the fading light. Never gone, not forgotten, the legacy of this man stands today in the testimony of music and memories that ring ever true today.



Brandon P. General

We’ve had some good luck fishing the flats south of the Hammer, and the little hotbed of Caledonia has seen international attention from the likes of King sized exports to King Biscuit Boy.
London born Brandon P. General made the most of his hick town reality and begun crafting personal interpretations of the classic vinyl and wood-to-steel authenticity of his earliest influences. Running hard and true, the kid threw together a few outfits and appearances in some cracker bands until settling neatly down into the pilots seat of “My Flying Machine”, the entity that embodies the vision of, and delivered the goods of Brandon’s newest EP  “Happiness Is A Learned Behaviour” that is offered free and shared tonight. It’s been a long road but the perfect time for General to take the reigns and do his own thing.

Has two new records coming out this year “Wood & Steel” and “Aww Shucks”, sure to be winners.

Either way it’s money – hard cash money, every week at Barber Shop Podcast


Dave Pomfret

Stoney Creek in the 80’s had a lot of musical credibility with the great young acts that were making waves in and around that Hamilton burb, growing roots that support some heavy branches even today.
Hooking up with friend Gene Champagne, Dave Pomfret founded the Monday Nuns as a hybrid of the power pop punk and hard rock camps they each subscribed to respectively. Adding Erkki Raid on bass and guitar of Mike Trebilcock, the boys tore it up good, the core becoming The Kiljoys after Dave’s departure in the 90’s
Almost twenty years pass, and whole still writing and playing at home, Dave Pomfret was very much absent from the stage and studio, the potential slowly winding the coil of expression.
2009 saw the time, effort and resources necessary to record and release No Rush, Dave’s first full length CD of original music, no shortage of talent or attention evident in the textures of a truly fine work.
Coming in on the coldest of nights, Dave brings acoustic and electric love as well as a brand new song to the studio. Showcasing chops and feeling, Dave brings the heartbreak in the first person perspective with three or four live songs, a couple tracks from his CD and a sneak peak of his work from the upcoming BOXO Studio compilation record on which he is featured.
A great guy with a great gift – on Barber Shop Podcast



Lo-Fi – New Years Eve Special

God knows we love a party here at Barber Shop Podcast, that’s why he’s kinda mad at us.

2014 was a great year here at BOXO Studio and our hearts soar at the prospect of kicking it’s ass out the door with the naughty knights of narcissistic nomenclature, Lo-fi.  When it came time to choose the band that kinda says it all – there was no other choice.  Demonstrating sublime chops and straight-razor delivery, these guys leave no doubt that they take not being serious verrry seriously. In the time Todd, Lips, Vinnie and Ken (and the drummer who didn’t show for either show – and therefore is dead to us and will not be named) have had Lo-fi churning out music, their countless shows and three CD’s have marked them as a huge throbbing force to be reckoned with.

Not much more to say, it’s all here in this special New Year’s Eve edition of Barber Shop Podcast.