Brandon P. General

We’ve had some good luck fishing the flats south of the Hammer, and the little hotbed of Caledonia has seen international attention from the likes of King sized exports to King Biscuit Boy.
London born Brandon P. General made the most of his hick town reality and begun crafting personal interpretations of the classic vinyl and wood-to-steel authenticity of his earliest influences. Running hard and true, the kid threw together a few outfits and appearances in some cracker bands until settling neatly down into the pilots seat of “My Flying Machine”, the entity that embodies the vision of, and delivered the goods of Brandon’s newest EP  “Happiness Is A Learned Behaviour” that is offered free and shared tonight. It’s been a long road but the perfect time for General to take the reigns and do his own thing.

Has two new records coming out this year “Wood & Steel” and “Aww Shucks”, sure to be winners.

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