Dave Pomfret

Stoney Creek in the 80’s had a lot of musical credibility with the great young acts that were making waves in and around that Hamilton burb, growing roots that support some heavy branches even today.
Hooking up with friend Gene Champagne, Dave Pomfret founded the Monday Nuns as a hybrid of the power pop punk and hard rock camps they each subscribed to respectively. Adding Erkki Raid on bass and guitar of Mike Trebilcock, the boys tore it up good, the core becoming The Kiljoys after Dave’s departure in the 90’s
Almost twenty years pass, and whole still writing and playing at home, Dave Pomfret was very much absent from the stage and studio, the potential slowly winding the coil of expression.
2009 saw the time, effort and resources necessary to record and release No Rush, Dave’s first full length CD of original music, no shortage of talent or attention evident in the textures of a truly fine work.
Coming in on the coldest of nights, Dave brings acoustic and electric love as well as a brand new song to the studio. Showcasing chops and feeling, Dave brings the heartbreak in the first person perspective with three or four live songs, a couple tracks from his CD and a sneak peak of his work from the upcoming BOXO Studio compilation record on which he is featured.
A great guy with a great gift – on Barber Shop Podcast