Drew Leith

Keeping bit real is never a problem here at the shop, the silk and grit of real, original, Canadian music. This part of this great land contains a number of storied counties, each bearing the fruit of it’s native soil.

Drew Leith was nurtured as a child on the good music and joy a kitchen party can evoke. Waterloo County and the hotspots of London, Cambridge, Kitchener have always been a mixture of the well heeled and the rural blanket that warms their cold hearts. Writing and playing their own histories, Drew Leith and his songs came to call on his brother Ryan’s band, and with the choice of drummer Daryl Ralph and then Scott Chandler on banjo/harp, Drew Leith & the Foundation was born. Part folk, southern rock and country, it’s immediately likeable, music of the people. Never shooing too high or low, the smart lyrics and infectious hooks preaches from the pulpit with all the might of a bayou preacher.
Hamilton has been kind to Drew and tonight is no different. Playing four live numbers with Scott, we hear four cuts from their first CD and some pre releases from the upcoming offering, With You – out later this year.
Add to that their new video, a lot of cheer and smart, lively banter, and you’ve got yet another great episode of Barber Shop Podcast.