Paul Anthony & CASH

Johnny Cash is without a doubt the cornerstone of popular music and if you don’t agree you can go fuck yourself.
Ok, let me rephrase that. If you don’t realize that only one man made both Elvis and The Beatles sit pretty you are the valedictorian for Stupid U.
Paul Anthony has been dedicated to bringing the life and music of Johnny Cash to the unwashed for three years, bringing the creases and lines of an honest outlaw to life with both lore and legitimate musicality. Sounding like a legend is hard, but when you manage to record The Man in Black’s songs in his cabin with his band – there’s something here to behold.
Playing Johnny’s hits live and from the CD Classic Johnny Cash, Paul Anthony delivers the real deal with guitarist Steve Petrie and Kurk Bernard in studio with the stories and music of many genres and many generations.
You gotta love Johnny Cash
Or else….