The Monarch Project

Ambition without intent is a wasted dream, talent without drive is a lost opportunity. Capturing the echoes and ghosts of musicality and message in a tight, evocative yet unique form, The Monarch Project are at once familiar, message driven and sharp with a reserved swagger that belies a true blue pearl in the making.
You saw them back in episode #66, green and eager, acoustically succinct with a steady verve and a band of brothers right out of Central Casting. Soon bonds were formed and the boys came to BOXO Studio in the spring of 2014 to record two songs “How Far Can You Go” and the title track, “Troubled Mind”.
Released on vinyl as per their custom, the 7″ record gets a world debut tonight, along with six, yes six, live numbers, full on. Promoting their record release party on Feb.7, the boys strap on and step up big time to show you why they’re someone to keep your eye and ears on.
Check out this very special episode of Barber Shop Podcast as we showcase another treasure that’s right at your fingertips.