The Zilis

Low and behold, the three of them give life to the thought that rock is not dead, life blood flows, and there is more to the picture than meets the eye. The Zilis are a power pop trio that oozes TH&B sensibilities while managing to tickle the chin of the fickle listening audience. Stepped in the Hamilton tradition of smart, brutal fun, this trio of Sean Royle, Zander Lamonthe and Justin Bozzo have managed the near-impossible feat of bringing home the bacon in a tight, evocative package whole maintaining a strict code of emotional conduct. Not lost on these lads is the urgent need to stay relevant in the topsy- turvey world of independent music with constant aural stimulation and some sweet videos that convey the true essence of this outfit.

It’s hard not to like it, it’s harder to forget it, lost as you are in the swirling mix of colors. Three against the world, understood by few but loved by many – The Zilis are something to behold. Spinning tales, videos and a cut from their most recent offering, Sketches II, the lads of The Zilis give you a damn good reason to believe the future of rock n roll is in very good hands indeed.