Shameless Subversion

You’ve arrived here either by direction or accident, but either way it’s going to change your life. BOXO Studio is the mother ship of Barber Shop Podcast, and like the carrier you take flight from, there is precious little to hang your toothbrush on if it’s gone.
BOXO Studio is not like other places, it’s mission is always to show faith and support to those who might never see their just due.
Existing strictly as a recording space for over a decade, BOXO Studio crafts musical missiles of insight and change, providing voices for those so often judged and excluded. Brainchild of Kevin Barber and executed by chief engineer Ryan Cannon along with Alek Bromke and Quentin Brillinger, BOXO Studio has carved a niche for itself through vision and execution.
This episode sees Gary at the desk and Kevin providing both an insight, and an offering, of the greatest mental health playlist ever devised.
If you believe that music is salvation, you need to listen, if you think that this is bunk, then you need to listen even more.
Just when you think that Kanye has won, something like this comes along and screws you up. It’s more precious than dollars, more special than gold – it’s 12 stories culled and fired to perfection.


Brad Hails – Expand
Dave Pomfret – Funeral for a Girl
Jessica Blake – Falling
Duane Rutter – Glory
George C.W. Douglas – Living on the Moment
Maggie Ciere – Reformation
Cindy Dell – The Trouble With Alvin
Jamie Shea – No Place To Go
Kevin Barber – Crazy Pay
Roxanne Flett Campell – Mr. Hoot Owl
Grace Darlin – Scarlet Skies
Hannah Bakalar – Stay in the Light



Sammi Morelli

A natural performer from the get-go, Sammi Morelli was singing and dancing her way up the ladder until she recorded her first record while still a pre-teen. Hailing from the Vancouver suburb of Langley, the friends and family members who joined her on stage and in studio helped flesh out her songs into a cohesive collection, never settling in one place too long. Elements of jazz, pop, dance, and indie folk find their way into her substantial body of work over the subsequent years, each take a personal and singular vision come to life. Possessing killer pipes and an electric stage presence, this vivacious and engaging chanteuse came to Ontario a bit over a year ago and set up shop in St. Catharines. Writing and recording music and doing her gig as a weekend radio jock brought her to the attention of more than a few folks, and one of those people were pretty sure we’d want to have her on Barber Shop Podcast – and they were right on the money.
Fun, fresh and friendly is the only way to go through life, and with a lite help from Jeff Craig on guitar, Sammi Morelli makes the most of her time in the chair.

You gotta love it.


Ginger St. James

Hamilton is full of killer acts, and to stand tall amongst your peers is a sure sign of greatness in this crucible of music. Glowing red hot, the burlesque Queen turned country blues rock goddess has made hay with the gifts bestowed upon her and worked like the devil at all the little things to make even the winks mean something real. Honest songs of the people, laid down with an infectious beat that will please those 10 to 110.
It’s never easy, it’s never boring, the job of building a legend is not for the faint of heart. From the sticks to the dirty streets of Steel town and beyond, those lucky enough to experience the sensation of passion and attitude unbridled will surely not regret or forget the experience.
The first beautiful day in a very long time saw Ginger and The Grinders (Tom LaMontange, Greg Briscoe and Snow Heel Slim) burst into BOXO Studio with all the verve and aplomb of a proper fresh breeze.
Judge for yourself, with 4 live tunes and 3 from her new CD, “Diesel and Peas” plus a video of her and Slim, there’s so much a love about Ginger and Barber Shop Podcast




There exists in every classic song, the nuanced assassin of a great songwriter. Finding his voice with a father re-connecting to a sacred healing river, Steve Vincent DePiante has carried his destiny as much as it’s carried him since he was 16. Not lost on the jaded, not slave to the system, the words of a poet grew alongside the chops of a road warrior.
University bands and kindred souls brought these songs to life as the finite core of the man was brought to bear.
Solid heart strings and sandpaper whisps tell tales without reservation, truths without regret.
It’s the pleasure we strive to provide, beating the bushes and finding those dusky diamonds that might escape the casual observer.
It’s all right here, the absence of ego, fear or judgement,to kneel at the alter of originality.
Great stuff, this and every week at Barber Shop Podcast.