Ginger St. James

Hamilton is full of killer acts, and to stand tall amongst your peers is a sure sign of greatness in this crucible of music. Glowing red hot, the burlesque Queen turned country blues rock goddess has made hay with the gifts bestowed upon her and worked like the devil at all the little things to make even the winks mean something real. Honest songs of the people, laid down with an infectious beat that will please those 10 to 110.
It’s never easy, it’s never boring, the job of building a legend is not for the faint of heart. From the sticks to the dirty streets of Steel town and beyond, those lucky enough to experience the sensation of passion and attitude unbridled will surely not regret or forget the experience.
The first beautiful day in a very long time saw Ginger and The Grinders (Tom LaMontange, Greg Briscoe and Snow Heel Slim) burst into BOXO Studio with all the verve and aplomb of a proper fresh breeze.
Judge for yourself, with 4 live tunes and 3 from her new CD, “Diesel and Peas” plus a video of her and Slim, there’s so much a love about Ginger and Barber Shop Podcast