Sammi Morelli

A natural performer from the get-go, Sammi Morelli was singing and dancing her way up the ladder until she recorded her first record while still a pre-teen. Hailing from the Vancouver suburb of Langley, the friends and family members who joined her on stage and in studio helped flesh out her songs into a cohesive collection, never settling in one place too long. Elements of jazz, pop, dance, and indie folk find their way into her substantial body of work over the subsequent years, each take a personal and singular vision come to life. Possessing killer pipes and an electric stage presence, this vivacious and engaging chanteuse came to Ontario a bit over a year ago and set up shop in St. Catharines. Writing and recording music and doing her gig as a weekend radio jock brought her to the attention of more than a few folks, and one of those people were pretty sure we’d want to have her on Barber Shop Podcast – and they were right on the money.
Fun, fresh and friendly is the only way to go through life, and with a lite help from Jeff Craig on guitar, Sammi Morelli makes the most of her time in the chair.

You gotta love it.