Shameless Subversion

You’ve arrived here either by direction or accident, but either way it’s going to change your life. BOXO Studio is the mother ship of Barber Shop Podcast, and like the carrier you take flight from, there is precious little to hang your toothbrush on if it’s gone.
BOXO Studio is not like other places, it’s mission is always to show faith and support to those who might never see their just due.
Existing strictly as a recording space for over a decade, BOXO Studio crafts musical missiles of insight and change, providing voices for those so often judged and excluded. Brainchild of Kevin Barber and executed by chief engineer Ryan Cannon along with Alek Bromke and Quentin Brillinger, BOXO Studio has carved a niche for itself through vision and execution.
This episode sees Gary at the desk and Kevin providing both an insight, and an offering, of the greatest mental health playlist ever devised.
If you believe that music is salvation, you need to listen, if you think that this is bunk, then you need to listen even more.
Just when you think that Kanye has won, something like this comes along and screws you up. It’s more precious than dollars, more special than gold – it’s 12 stories culled and fired to perfection.


Brad Hails – Expand
Dave Pomfret – Funeral for a Girl
Jessica Blake – Falling
Duane Rutter – Glory
George C.W. Douglas – Living on the Moment
Maggie Ciere – Reformation
Cindy Dell – The Trouble With Alvin
Jamie Shea – No Place To Go
Kevin Barber – Crazy Pay
Roxanne Flett Campell – Mr. Hoot Owl
Grace Darlin – Scarlet Skies
Hannah Bakalar – Stay in the Light