Alfie Smith

This is a blues town as sure as the day is long and hard. Raised a stones throw form this very Studio, Alfie Smith was Hamilton’s prodigal son, born to make his mark deep in the hearts of those who hear him whisper and holler. This episode visits a family where music flowed, a disability was harnessed, and yearly sojourns to Gage Park to see the early versions of Bill Powell’s homegrown music festival, all set forth the steps that makes Alfie Smith so highly respected and regarded in this crowded field. Standing out as fiercely original while still holding true to the tenants of blues music is often aspired to but rarely executed. It’s always a pleasure to hear a performer treat a standard like they wrote it while laying an original song on you that sounds like it’s been around longer than you have. Alfie Smith is the real deal, tried and true, all here just for you – on Barber Shop Podcast