Burnin’ Ethyl

It’s been 2 years since the mighty Burnin’ Ethyl has been to the Barber Shop, but you can tell they’ve kept up appearances.  Long considered one of Hamilton’s missing musical links, the rock n’ roll has been coming from the boys since the 70’s. Bringing a 50’s feel to the current era and sensibilities, blues, country and rockabilly all get filtered through these golden threads, as unique as it is real. High hair, tailored duds and wry smiles bring every note and verve to attention, showing off the bands chops and mission. Playing together since the age if 17, Trevor Rogers and Craig Koshul make drummer Steve Sinnicks’s job easy with room to spare. Rarely do you get treated to a trio with such excess of musical talent and fearless nature.
Playing and spinning some brand new material as well as a few classics, the boys show that they’re  good, they’re real, and they’re real good.
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