Doug Feaver

Some guys don’t make it to the Barber Shop very often, if ever. Maintaining a youthful outlook, let alone the locks is a hard gig for most of us, but Doug Feaver has been writing, singing, and playing the kind of music that defines both this city and this country. Musically gifted, relentlessly curious, the Grimsby born, Montreal raised Feaver has developed a sound and a performance level that never seems to get old. Born from the ashes of Dixieland and George Martin, the kid in the man remains in his every note, always a bit beyond expectations.
Cold and rainy a sad day might begin, not forgotten the stories that unfolded in the lives as the sun travels the sky. As forlorn a start it was, the gift of music, and truth, rang true this very evening, as serendipitous alignments transpire right before your eyes. Lives that touched briefly for years came full cycle, proving that, as ever, that things that are meant to be, become real.
Tune in, turn on, and drop what you’re doing because you and this April 8th episode makes beautiful music together.