Steve Sinnicks

Way back in week 9 we went video with Steve Sinnicks and never looked back – until now. Long regarded as one of the premier drummers in town, Steve Sinnicks has been playing brilliant guitar and writing poignant tomes for a very long time. His last CD, Last Irishman in Corktown showcases his talents when setting the tone for insight and enlightenment. Deep set in Hamilton folklore and sensibility, the spirit evoked from his spirit and sensibilities are a touchstone for the listener and a window into his world.
Never shy on the mic, both Steve and Kevin weathered a grueling studio reboot, forced to consume beer while Ryan and Gary played Apollo 13 in the studio. 2 hours after the scheduled start time, the cameras rolled as the scene unfolded before your eyes.
If fun were a commodity this show breaks the bank wide open with more delight than you’d thought possible. But then again, nothing is impossible on Barber Shop Podcast.