The Castor Troys

The Castor Troys are a driving punk rock / hard rock 4-piece out of Hamilton/Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  Accessible, melodic, catchy, yet uncompromising. Peddlers of true stories and truer fiction.

Formed in 2009, The Castor Troys mix storyteller lyrics and a relentless sound that nevertheless comes from careful crafting.

With decades of experience under their collective belt, The Castor Troys draw influences from all different styles of rock and blues. Influences of Social Distortion, the Headstones, Bad Religion and the Offspring are definitely present here, but the scope of the sound goes well beyond those confines.  With most members being multi-instrumentalists and song-writers, there’s always a wealth of creativity to draw on. The band has played stages such as the CBC Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto, Sound of Music Festival, Burly Calling, PouzzaFest, and Canada’s Largest Ribfest.  Members have shared the stage with many well-known bands including Finger Eleven, the Headstones, the Hanson Brothers (of puck-rock fame, not the mmmbop kids…) Theory of a Deadman, Propaghandi, The Marble Index, The Planet Smashers, LimbLifter, The Reason, Guttermouth, illScarlett and Silverstein, among others.

The Castor Troys are

Aaron Walsh – vocals
Chris Ledroit – guitar, vocals
Matthew Bowker – bass, vocals
Nick Fowler – drums


Ghosts of Memphis

Brothers are not always blood, but what runs through the veins of Trevor Howard and Gerry Finn is as strong as the steel city they make their music in. Both men were busy with their own direction, Trev the fabulous lady killer in pink with the golden soul and Gerry the slick sideman and singer, both doing enough to grab the attention of the other.
When invitations turned to jams and jams turned to sessions, the foundation and structure of Ghosts of Memphis began to rise with a certain reserved grandeur.
Recording their debut CD, Devil in the Details in 2013, the boys made a big impact in showcases and festivals with their tight, evocative brand of heartbreak roots rock. Hard to pidgin hole but do easy to love, both Howard and Finn have made a case for themselves as the troubadours of pain and redemption, champions of the tender moment.
If you love a good story, good friends and great music then you will adore this very special episode of Barber Shop Podcast.



Theirs is a sound to Hamilton that you know when you hear it. Long considered a hotbed of great music, this city has history on display on a regular basis in one musical form or another. One of the great pieces of Hamilton history is TRICKBAG, the devil spawn kids that were drawn to our greatest blues ambassador of all time, Richard Newell aka King Biscuit Boy. Hooking up with all the greats, learning about all the legends, the nucleus of TRICKBAG was constantly orbiting the core of blues with a feeling. Twenty five years later, TRICKBAG is still writing, recording and performing their particular brand of music, paying homage and giving respect to the bedrock of modern music.
We ventured out to Bay City Music Hall on a beautiful Saturday evening to record some of the 13th annual King Biscuit Boy “Blues with a Feeling” show and we play four live recordings featuring TRICKBAG with a few special gusts along for the ride.  Add to that four in-studio gems, and you start to get a feeling that this show is going to rock, roll, swing and bounce all night long.
Cuz that’s what we do –
At Barber Shop Podcast.


Leonard Burns and Dell

Leonard Burns and Dell are no strangers to these walls, having played with, and alongside, many of the greats from these here parts. What they are however, are The Perfect Strangers, a trio who all write and sing some of the most beautiful music around. Fresh off the release of their debut CD, the girls bring guitar whisperer Andrew Aldridge along to Barber Shop Podcast and they certain did not disappoint. Despite some under-weatherness and in the last quarter of the episode losing the video feed for a minute, it still manages to capture the unique majesty of this trio.
Warm, funny and oh-so-real, Leonard Burns and Dell show just why they are the such a bright light in a dazing night sky.