Theirs is a sound to Hamilton that you know when you hear it. Long considered a hotbed of great music, this city has history on display on a regular basis in one musical form or another. One of the great pieces of Hamilton history is TRICKBAG, the devil spawn kids that were drawn to our greatest blues ambassador of all time, Richard Newell aka King Biscuit Boy. Hooking up with all the greats, learning about all the legends, the nucleus of TRICKBAG was constantly orbiting the core of blues with a feeling. Twenty five years later, TRICKBAG is still writing, recording and performing their particular brand of music, paying homage and giving respect to the bedrock of modern music.
We ventured out to Bay City Music Hall on a beautiful Saturday evening to record some of the 13th annual King Biscuit Boy “Blues with a Feeling” show and we play four live recordings featuring TRICKBAG with a few special gusts along for the ride.  Add to that four in-studio gems, and you start to get a feeling that this show is going to rock, roll, swing and bounce all night long.
Cuz that’s what we do –
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