George C.W. Douglas‏

To play music you must love music, and some have love affairs long before they ever begin that journey in earnest. George C.W. Douglas always knew music held a special place, a certain station in life. Growing up the sounds were an intoxicant that soon led to the life that led to the long, strange trip that has led him to here. Listening and watching all the arena rock greats of the era, only the names that spilled from commercial radio were on tap – some pretty great ones mind you, yet the knowledge and comfort songwriters had on him took root and started George Douglas on his path as a bona fide singer-songwriter. It was the seminal debut album by Blackie and the Rodeo Kings in tribute to the great Wille P. Bennett that really shook his foundation to the point where he began to see the true calling and Zeitgeist of the art form, a slew of troubadours and six string heroes that make the real good stuff in spades. It was when he decided to stop forgetting the memorable moments and live a sober life in the moment that his passion and calling came into focus. Taking with him the lessons of a life well lived, Douglas started writing, playing and believing in himself as the real deal.
Lo and behold, he has arrived. Stopping by BOXO Studio on this fine evening, George C.W. Douglas brings the super-talented Matty Simpson along to okay live and a few tracks from his Brock Zeman produced “Songs From The Big Muddy”
to share the magic of a mission accomplished.
Great fun, easy peasy,.. On Barber Shop Podcast.