Hailee Rose

Sometimes being at the right place at the right time is far far more than circumstance. To arrive at a destination, one must set a course and go for it.
Hailee Rose is one of those rare birds, adorned with vibrant plumage and possessing a voice that cuts through the noise, the silence and the generations. Born into a creative and supportive family, Hailee had a knack for the dramatic, singing and playing every imaginary part with absolute conviction. Never scared to put it all out there, she and her mom went to countless auditions and cattle-calls from a very tender age. Possessing vitality and confidence, her faith in the arts – and herself – never wained despite the continual rejections and promises of tomorrow offered as consolation. When the day came that the casting director for the Mirvish production of The Lion King said yes, she was ready. In a classic case of happenstance, one night a certain Dave Rave was in the audience and took note of the remarkable talent and presence displayed by the young Hailee Rose, not realizing that their paths would cross in a profound way one day.
Fast forward to 2014 and a local producer and music man Dave Beatty launched a workshop at his QED studios wherein musicians who had never been in a functioning band could get together and work out the myriad of elements necessary to play a concise set of music, together, in a supportive environment. Hailee Tose knew she could sing, thought she could write, and wanted to go. Within moments, those who were there saw and heard for themselves just how remarkable this girl was and word soon filtered out to none other than Dave Rave that this was a talent to be reckoned with. On the third session, Dave was in attendance and a believer. Working with someone like Dave Rave brought with it a truly remarkable set of credentials and contacts. Within a short time, they were writing and soon joined Carl Jennings to record a three song CD titled Everything’s Going to be Alright.
Writing sessions in New York, touring England, playing the Cavern Club in Liverpool, all thrust her into the spotlight – a place she was always destined to be.
Joining her and Dave in the studio this fine night, Dan Willer, Dave Bayley and legendary drummer Bucky Berger have a blast telling their tale and performing both the original and classic music with magnificent ease – the stuff of legend – in the making.
It’s all good… So good… On Barber Shop Podcast.