the human race

Sometimes the right head sits in the chair at Barber Shop Podcast at the right time to change things up and keep in style. Adam Carter grew up surrounded by great music thanks to a substantial and tasty record collection and steady support and encouragement within the town of a Lynden on the outskirts of Hamilton.
The discovery of an unloved guitar and the burning ambition to learn his chops saw a quick progression of ability and confidence. The early internet gift of on line guitar archives and easy-to-understand tablature notation meant Carter could learn a bucket full of songs – and learned to write his own as well.
Recruiting like minded high school chums and firming a band – the seriousness was balanced with all the youthful exuberance and honest hubris necessary to actually believe a life in music was not only possible, but likely.
Currently, Carter is indeed deep in the life investment that music requires as not only the music manager of Homegrown Hamilton but also the driving force in the human race, a recording act that can be a sprawling stage of interwoven creation or like tonight, just one man, a guitar, a looper pedal and the beautiful truth.
the human race – Adam Carter on this special episode of Barber Shop Podcast