James Ferris Band

Life has its ups and downs, and the singer-songwriter rides those hills and valleys on a regular basis for they provide the chewy grist for milling. Careful to leave just enough texture while making the journey both evocative and palatable is what James Ferris does with great skill and passion. His style is instantly familiar, with the impassioned growl and fierce delivery – a home spun rocker with a light touch.
In the early days, the Nova Scotia kid was prone to rampant, unchecked musicality and his need to create meshed beautifully with his ability to write and play with conviction. Playing covers and classics gave him the template to create his own music, sure to knock on the very same doors as the iconic masters he had begun by emulating. Something special happened along the way, and by the time he moved to Hamilton, he was clearly prepared to bring his music to the table, a bountiful plenty for all to enjoy.
So positive is his performance, so committed are his lyrics, one is easily carried along to their own interpretations of the deeply personal journey of James Ferris. Producing art and music, James Ferris had carved himself out a spot in this town as a harbinger of positivity and pleasure, smiles for miles and a very sociable experience.
Showing up on the last Wednesday in August, James brings with him the smokin’ duo of Ron Cole on keys and Colin Lapsley on bass to flesh out his arrangements and serve up a spread of home cooking in the form of beautiful, original music.
Stop by for awhile at Barber Shop Podcast and enjoy the benefits of real, good, original music.