Mark McNeil

When Mark McNeil travel to Hamilton all those years ago for what was to be a summer job, you never expected that the rest of his life would be about Hamilton stories, Hamilton people and the lifeblood that is this place. And it early affinity for all things musical, including the Beatles, brought him into playing the guitar. His love of writing and meshing out a story was also started early, and when the musical kid got a night crime reporter job at The Hamilton Spectator in the 80’s, the die was cast in steel.

Mark McNeil uses his reporters chops to great effect on the critically acclaimed CD “Flashbacks” a veritable who’s who of Hamilton iconic figures, each tale fleshed out with wit and insight as to the true flavour of the town. Written as the soundtrack for the play James Street, the troubadour and storyteller manages to be both factual and fanciful in this musical marker.
On this fine night Mark drops by with Lester Smith filling the spaces with his signature sweet chops and harmonies and none other than Paul
Panchezak on the sparse kit to give even more Hamilton accent to these tunes, songs that can be found on his CD and right here, right now at Barber Shop Podcast.