Will Gillespie

This show, on the surface, is about music. But scratch the surface and you will soon find that it’s really about life. For artists bleed for us on a regular basis, reaching into their heart and souls to purge the sadness and tragedy that we all encounter. The writer paints a landscape and then places the characters who we identify with on a stage for us to see ourselves when it might seem far too dark to do so.
This week, your eminent host Kevin was reeling from a life event on the heels of another crushing setback. Spirits were low and the usual boisterous, bombastic bravado had left the building. In its place sat a man who questioned why, and if anyone even cared..
Well – from the mists a troubadour by the name of Will Gillespie – he from the North, via Timmins, Sudbury and Toronto made his way with his trusty guitar to BOXO Studio for a time to commiserate. Giving homage to the songs that make us both think and feel, he tells his story and sings the songs of love and loss this broken being needed on a warm August night. Every tune a deeply personal tale of angst that reverberates deeply in any of us who have felt gold dust slip between our fingers.
It’s a cold world out there – but Will Gillespie and Barber Shop Podcast knitted a nice warm sweater that’s big enough for us all to share.