Winds of the North

We pick our guests very carefully here at Barber Shop Podcast, the common thread is always a belief in music as a life force. No part timers, pseudo troubadours or poseurs make their way to the hallowed space that is BOXO Studio on Wednesday nights. So imagine our surprise when a group of seemingly balanced and rehearsed boys from the Toronto bedroom community of Milton got a hold of us and asked if they too might be featured on our wundershow…… well, I guess the sweet scent of The Hammer has spread far and wide, and if an outsider is ready to embrace is in all our gritty glory, well then; we too must stretch out our arms and embrace their fresh-scrubbed faces with their very own show.
In the very beginning, guitarists Ty MacKenzie and Kenny Drummond were the nexus of the group, their infectious synergy almost immediately drawing neighbour and bassist Steve McFarlane to the window, scratching and clawing at the door until they relented, and in doing so, added the slick, textured bass lines and sweet harmonies the these original tunes cried out for. After a switch of drummers last winter, the addition of Matt Frazer on the kit forged a very approachable yet unique sound that Winds Of The North can absolutely call their own.
The band really doesn’t sound like anybody while sounding just like every alt rock band that was charting in the 90’s. They take a song born from personal loss or triumph and build layers and texture in arrangement that show that every great song is much more than the sum of its tight, well-executed parts.

So here you have it… Yet another band, a great band, that you will probably never hear or hear of again. It’s tough enough to get gigs in a music town like Hamilton where you can play original music, it’s doubly hard in suburbia where they only want what they already know – pre packaged and individually portioned for your convenience. No, this is a band that will be seen and heard – and thanks to Barber Shop Podcast, they can be.

In high definition and hi fidelity Barber Shop Podcast goes to outer space and back, bouncing off satellites and towers to the safety and convenience of your home. Playing songs from their début self-titled EP, Winds Of The North blew in here and blew us away.

Not an easy thing to do.