Busker Al

Well, it was bound to happen. Hamilton’s most well heeled (he walks a lot) musician made his way to BOXO Studio after so many years away from these sacred walls.
Known as ‘Busker Al”, Albert Barubek has been playing music forever, playing for change and the occasional fiver, and been front and centre in some of the coolest bands in this town in the past 25 years.
Never afraid to speak his mind, piss off a few people and drop a few jaws, his musical acumen is only matched by his steely resolve. Always the optimist, Al brings a grace to an often graceless city with a daily dose of music. His repertoire is substantial and his voice carries this night across the years as we spin some Captain Easy from 2003’s The 4:20 Conspiracy and remember stuff we had all forgotten for awhile.
Good times.