Ian Andrews and the Smokin’ Scoundrels

Blues, and Hamilton blues in particular has had its roots in this fertile ground since there were iron horses and steel driving men.
The tree that bears so much fruit in the way of all modern music, is based in the call and response of the cotton fields and the deep meaning that those refrains evoke in everyone who listens and identifies with.
Ian Andrews is still a pretty young cat, but make no mistake about it, he knows his way around a fretboard and the struggle at hand. Slick, handsome and full of life, Ian Andrews manages to do what so few aspiring Bluesman can do – carve a very personal niche in what is a homogeneous form of music.
Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Ian paid his dues like every great one – and it’s evident the investment is paying off. Writing original music and embodying it with the howls and yelps every bit as real as WC himself, believing the story and storyteller as sage as any before. Original young blues – verve and passion, and what a band on hand this night. Greg Briscoe is very funky on keys and gets to jam out with Justine “The Bass Machine” Fischer and Matt Burns on the drums in what gas to be one of the most rip roaringestness nights ever at Barber Shop Podcast.
We show off a few pre-release tracks from Ian’s upcoming album and capture four very solid live numbers where the pedal is definitely meeting metal.
Another great night- at Barber Shop Podcast