Nate of Earth

Nate Waldes carries with him the quiet desperate rage of the poet and seeker, perhaps a bit too smart for his own good. When you can see and interpret, channel and reflect with such precision, life can be a bitter pill if you let it. Vision and delivery in one tight package, the wood toned roots Waldes displays are earnest and hard won. Writing early and often, his use of the familiar and paradox reflects well on the new generation of Hamilton singer-songwriters. Steeped in the vinyl tea and inspired by a kindred spirit, his love of music became a natural extension of his soul, deep and reflective. 

Stoping by on a brilliant autumn evening, Nate Waldes brings with him his soon-to-be released 5 song CD NATE OF EARTH and a few new ones he shares live. Full of great hooks and reason, his music transcends the bedroom folk rock genre it serves so well with every bitter-sweet note. Without these reminders in every generation of songwriter, the road to enlightenment would not be so clearly lit. Praise be the writer and poet in us all as we roll another fat episode of Barber Shop Podcast.