Wayne Petti

The “Shwa” has given us many gifts musical and otherwise, our gritty little sister on the eastern jowls of Hogtown. Where once only the Bob Brydens and Lou Molinaros of the world were fit to call The Hammer home, usually after a spell in The Big Smoke to draw the best of them from a deep creative well.
Wayne Petti was just such a dude, steeped in the 90’s guitar slouch of Pavement, Dinosaur Jr. and Metallica. It was only after listening to the true greats of depression era to ’52 country music where the pre-alt-country-phase-shifted sound that merged became Cuff The Duke. Cuff was to many the harbinger for a whole new take on some very solid roots. Starting strong and staying busy, Petti and company made quite a name for themselves quickly and in the process, forged the experience and contacts into something solid indeed.
Post Cuff The Duke, Petti kept current and found vehicles for his music that performed to spec, allowing each incarnation a u owe space to breathe. The Astro Men followed and served him well until it became time to pick up and make the move to the Western Jowl of Toronto, our fine city of Hamilton Ontario.
It’s great when a win-win sounds so good and the now Hamilton based Petti has put together another epic record, this one with Hamilton roots and players. Making music and history with the new record “Right Arm” by the group known as Grey Lands.
We love it when there’s good music and great insight on the show, and this Wayne Petti guy has got it in spades.
He’ll do quite well I’m sure.