Blind Mule

October 21, 2015 was, as you know, the “future” date in which Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) arrives having been flung from 1985 to 1955 and…. Well…. It was kinda a big deal. Long, long ago, Ryan and Kevin were just leaving the podcast nest when Graham Peacefull and Joey Balducchi  stopped in to chat about Blind Mule, their sideways smile of a ska stained suburban inde roots outfit, their members and mission a story of positivity and gratitude. Dark rivers are crossed with ease when the infectious rhythms and smart word play get wrapped in harmonies that nurture the offerings so perfectly.

At that time, in December of 2012, the studio was not as it is today, and Graham and Joey were content to spin a few tracks from their recent CD, and spoke at length about the inception and impetus of the band. All these weeks later, Ryan, Gary and Kevin finally bagged a mule, catching the group refreshed, renewed and sporting some new material. No need for a lot of chatter in this one, the story’s origin having been laid out so long ago. No, this episode delivers all killer and no filler as we feature a 4 live, 1 track show of great original music with all 5 guys – Graham Peacefull, Joey Balducchi, Jon Edwards, Gabe Atkinson  and Josh Snively all givin er, live in studio.

Keeping it short and sweet we dive right in with a great look and listen into Blind Mule as they hit full groove and never let go. This story isn’t over – the boys are going to be back real soon as the wood shedding and mojo of heavy stage work and swaying crowds pour their energy into the production of their second album. 

Thank the lord as we sit down and jam out some of life’s mysteries on Barber Shop Podcast.