Chris Strei

Chris Strei is a perfect example of the guy who make up the overwhelming majority of working musicians, the blue collar grinder. Born and raised in Brantford, the city just west of Hamilton, Strei was one of a throng of pubescent wanna-be’s in his high school, the cool factor of the instrument providing the perfect foil for the journey ahead. Nothing spectacular, no magic moment – just a steady progression of music and words to the point of original art. Cover songs on the chicken wing circuit keep the chops and balance up as he and his band Minus Everything turn thought to music, releasing the 9 song disc Faces to the public, the full band a fresh take on a power trio. Great hooks, straight up and decent all around, Chris Strei gives a good account of himself, everyone’s little guy who carries a decent stick.
Just two guys talking and playing music on another great Wednesday night at Barber Shop Podcast.