CJ Altmann

Chris Altmann is one of those rare individuals for whom music is not just a profession but an all consuming passion. Discovering his chops and purpose in his youth, the gamut from Bon Scott to Bob Dylan made for a very heady mix indeed. Playing pretty well anything that was put in front of him with seeming ease, Altmann started gigging up and down the coast of his native Australia, making friends and waves the entire time – this guy is special.

Highly sought after for his sublime work on pedal steel, Canadian artists and producers have kept CJ Altmann busy working with some of the country’s bright lights while continuing to work his own music to a beautifully sharp point.

Stopping by on a crisp October evening, CJ Altmann brings his guitar, a couple of beautiful records, and his easy style to Barber Shop Podcast and in turn, the whole world in Hi Def and Hi Fidelity.

Always real, always good, always real good – on Barber Shop Podcast.