Duane Rutter and JB Reed

Any true work of art begins with the artisan, every painting, sculpture or song a reflection of the hand and mind behind the vision. Crazy Things is not only the name of Duane Rutter’s new record, it is the gem carved and polished from the stone that he himself unearthed.
These collection of songs began to form and mature in step with Rutter’s renewed determination and activity a couple of years ago and as the onion peeled and eyes teared, the songs began to grow into something altogether wonderful with a cast of Hamilton heavyweights alongside. Andrew Aldridge brings his guitar, arrangement and engineering genius to the mix and the addition of Nick Burson, Carrie Ashworth and Steve Woods make a gorgeous palate for JB Reed’s hauntingly evocative vocals as the perfect sound to embrace Duane Rutter’s signature sound. Deep, lush production at Hamilton’s Grant Avenue Studio are thanks to Amy Grant and Aldrew’s touch – allowing them to take some magical keyboard tracks from none other than Garth Hudson – he of The Band fame. Recorded under a starry night in upstate New York, these stems were woven into the albums final cut with a haunting efficiency.
Always bringing you the best live music right to your good place, Barber Shop Podcast does it again thanks to Duane and JB Reed sharing their gift on this early October in Wednesday. Bring it on in spades, there is no going back on this – or any other night.