Frank Koren

If you’ve seen a show anywhere in the last 25 years, chances are at some point you have seen Frank Koren playing guitar. If you’ve heard more than a few recordings born of these fertile lands, you have likely heard Frank Koren. Long considered top flight in the clutch, Frank had the early passion and knack to pick a melody from thin air and wrap his fingers around the nuances that mark him as more than just a hire gun – more of an assassin actually. 

Schooled up all proper, the post graduate world started with a European sojourn and the realization that his prowess matched his hunger, singing for his supper from place to place, the seed now in full bloom.

Strange that it took all these years for the 40 something Koren to record his first album of original material. Recorded with Amy King at Grant Avenue Studio, Red Chair is something much more than a collection of Koren’s missives, it is a broad palate of sound and emotion – stretching beyond the predictable into a place that at once comforts and challenges the listener while maintaining a centric balance that belies the distance travelled. Drawing on a career time’s relationships and friendships, the cast of players is a veritable who’s who of tasteful players – each one tailor made for the pattern laid bare before them.

Bringing just a wee hybrid acoustic and a bagful of stories, we spin some tales, some yarns and some heads right before Halloween in this episode of Barber Shop Podcast.