Three Year Anniversary Show

80% of podcasts do not survive 10 episodes before giving up and going away. In late November 2012 Kevin Barber and Ryan Cannon started something from scratch, drawing a line in the sand and moving forward week by week for 158 straight weeks.
The show ostensively is about music, but is in fact so much more. What it manages to do every week is bring the magic of live, original music to the home theatre, providing the crucial answers to the questions “Who are you, and why do I care?”
Giving a stage to the best and brightest, newbies and oldies, high and lonesome and dirty blue music from the storied steel city brings with it awesome responsibility and perhaps a little salvation. Your barber is an honest and trusted friend. It doesn’t matter how often you drop in he remembers you and how you like it. It’s his stage but it’s all about you as stories, opinions and sage advice are offered. Painful truths, joyous news and real life events are embraced and discussed until all too soon your time is up and the next head is ready to work on.
Sometimes life has a way of working out – sometimes the sum is greater than the parts, sometimes it just all adds up.



Christine Leakey

Triply, mystic, and sweetly fierce, Christine Leakey has been artsy since the zoetrope stage of her life. Born to see shapes and colours and blessed with a gorgeous voice, Leakey made music to put those shapes and colours a life of their own. Fearlessly embracing the Hamilton music scene during her Mohawk College years, she used the excellence and support to full advantage, forming what Tim

Gibbons refers to as the first “girl band” of its type out of Hamilton. Double Feature Creature, their CD – Returns, is as raw and fresh as the space girl vibe it offers. Seeing music as a natural extension, the WarholIan pantomime played out in highly charged fits and spurts. It’s hard to nail her sound down easily, and keeping the listener comfortably off foot is kinda what Christine Leakey does best. Giving it her all means going to where they get you, and Christine Leakey has found music family members in all kinds of places. Recording with and art designing American recording art Dave Kerzner’s recent release NEW WORLD, she got to sing with the ladies from Pink Floyd, a thrill to be sure gives you an idea about just how sweet her voice is. 

Dropping by on a gorgeous late fall evening, Christine brings some new songs to play live, and some videos of her songs from 2012’s Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure to round off a fun night at Barber Shop Podcast.


Sloppy Jalopy

The beautiful, gruesome swinging riot that is Sloppy Jalopy is very much the sum of its parts. Just like the band’s namesake, the end product is a an absolutely unique creation of old and familiar pieces. Crafted lovingly by Craig Koshul and Al Barubek a few years ago with the intent of giving a fresh feel to the Bakersfield country, rock-n-roll and Steeltown influences to deliver something that leaves the floor wet and the taps dry wherever they play. Once Jimmy Blair and Derek Spriggs were added to the line up, the rollicking, frolicking rat rod was turning heads as fast as they turned on the heat in whatever room they play. Songs that make you smile, music that’s as tight as it is loose and a bunch of friends having fun is a winning combination for any band, but this one cracks the safe wide open.

Dropping by on a wicked Wednesday on Remembrance Day we all celebrated the gift of freedom and music in a very Barber Shop Podcast way. Spirits were light but the beer sure wasn’t for this one. Too much fun. 


Dougy Flyswatter

In every town there is a sly bar room rocker who carries the mail faithfully through rain, sleet and snow to deliver the goods. Be it in his teen years, raging 20’s – or in this case, his fabulous four ties, Dougy Flyswatter has been a part of the tattered fabric that is the Hamilton music scene and has always served up the basics of good ok home cooking. Provocative lyrics, suggestive titles and infectious hooks make for a sticky recipe for musical mayhem and the good times roll on and on.

Always positive and light-hearted, the attitude and aptitude of this guy are ready made to make the smiles wide in the land of the hammer. Bluesy riffs and nods to life’s sleazier moments bring the bacon home for all those who like it dirty – and good.

Showing up on our first Wednesday in November, Dougy brings the whole damn band of guitarists Blair Jacobs and Jon Ingalls along with long time drummer Carm DiBraccio to make a big racket and a big statement about his present state of musical mind.

Playing some fresh recordings and some cool videos amidst the live tunes, we go heavy on the tunes on this episode of Barber Shop Podcast.