Dougy Flyswatter

In every town there is a sly bar room rocker who carries the mail faithfully through rain, sleet and snow to deliver the goods. Be it in his teen years, raging 20’s – or in this case, his fabulous four ties, Dougy Flyswatter has been a part of the tattered fabric that is the Hamilton music scene and has always served up the basics of good ok home cooking. Provocative lyrics, suggestive titles and infectious hooks make for a sticky recipe for musical mayhem and the good times roll on and on.

Always positive and light-hearted, the attitude and aptitude of this guy are ready made to make the smiles wide in the land of the hammer. Bluesy riffs and nods to life’s sleazier moments bring the bacon home for all those who like it dirty – and good.

Showing up on our first Wednesday in November, Dougy brings the whole damn band of guitarists Blair Jacobs and Jon Ingalls along with long time drummer Carm DiBraccio to make a big racket and a big statement about his present state of musical mind.

Playing some fresh recordings and some cool videos amidst the live tunes, we go heavy on the tunes on this episode of Barber Shop Podcast.