Sloppy Jalopy

The beautiful, gruesome swinging riot that is Sloppy Jalopy is very much the sum of its parts. Just like the band’s namesake, the end product is a an absolutely unique creation of old and familiar pieces. Crafted lovingly by Craig Koshul and Al Barubek a few years ago with the intent of giving a fresh feel to the Bakersfield country, rock-n-roll and Steeltown influences to deliver something that leaves the floor wet and the taps dry wherever they play. Once Jimmy Blair and Derek Spriggs were added to the line up, the rollicking, frolicking rat rod was turning heads as fast as they turned on the heat in whatever room they play. Songs that make you smile, music that’s as tight as it is loose and a bunch of friends having fun is a winning combination for any band, but this one cracks the safe wide open.

Dropping by on a wicked Wednesday on Remembrance Day we all celebrated the gift of freedom and music in a very Barber Shop Podcast way. Spirits were light but the beer sure wasn’t for this one. Too much fun.