Pretty Archie

When we get old and experienced, it is often fun to look back to our 20’s and remember those moments that shaped our future. Well, way back in episode 29 in March of 2013 we welcomed our first out-of-towners to the show; a clan from Cape Breton by the name of Pretty Archie. Crammed in a corner of a cluttered basement with basic gear, the episode that ensued served to show the potential of this show – a glimpse of just how good it can be. Warm, friendly, sage, polite, funny, wicked and wise beyond their years, the boys played with loose precision, trading stories and sweet harmonies long into the night. Viewed over 1,600 times to date, that episode has been referenced time and time again to the boys by Canadians from coast to coast and heralded by the band as their favourite media experience to date.
The boys were in Hamilton on this fine early December Wednesday with purpose and their new CD – North End Sky, and we were chucked to have them. Better than ever and full of the spirits that fuel this truth machine, both Kevin and the lads tear into a few memories, thoughts and beliefs as the beer flows and the music rolls.
It doesn’t matter what kind of poop you step in, you can always scrape that shit off and carry on. It matters not if those in ivory towers can’t see you and the rats are eating the stores. What matters is you have faith in yourself and your people – and just keep going. Never give up. Ever.